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4 Daily Online Activities to Gain More Clients

Friday, January 21st, 2011

In our private lives, we all have our daily online routines. We check and send email, visit our favorite sites, read a few articles, and countless others.

Why should our Online Business Activity be any different?
Online Activities to Gain More Clients 4 Daily Online Activities to Gain More Clients
If you own a business there are certain basic recommendations for daily online activity that could help generate more clients.  The Internet is a powerful resource for any business and neglecting to utilize all that it offers is silly.  Every business can be conducting some kind of daily activity online.  Not sure how to fully utilize the Internet for your business? The following are minimal suggestions for your company’s daily Internet practices.

  1. Visit Some Social Networking Websites:
  2. Submit some postings to multiple sites and gain a following in the online community.  Use this online activity to share some knowledge and build a reputation for your business.  By improving the brand of your business on Facebook, you’re able to market your company and have the opportunity to acquire profitable insights from others. It’s free, except for your time, so take advantage of the free advertising that websites like Facebook and Twitter offer.  In addition using these social networking sites gives you another medium to allow you to be more accessible to your customers and gain valuable feedback. See more information about how Twitter Can Benefit Your Business.

  3. Write a Blog:
  4. Establishing a blog for your business is a great way to branch out and grow your web presence.  A blog is another way to obtain customer interaction as well as communicating important messages to your clients.  Additionally, mention your blog articles on Social Media websites like Twitter and Facebook and have more potential clients visit your website. For more on how blogs can help a business check out Having a Blog Helps!

  5. Check The Analytics Of Your Website:
  6. It is important to understand how visitors use your website.  Before you can successfully solve any problems and market your site. You should have a good understanding of what’s

Read the rest

New to Social Networking? Twitter Can Benefit Your Business

Friday, December 24th, 2010

woman twitter New to Social Networking? Twitter Can Benefit Your BusinessHello there! Welcome to the Internet Beacon’s awesome weblog. If you’re here for SEO tips for small businesses, you’ve come to the right place.

What better way is there for a company to get simple, convenient, and immediate messages to their customers than micro blogging?  That’s exactly what Twitter does by offering an effective and useful tool for companies to employ with limitless possibilities.  The rise of Social networking has provided both individuals and businesses with a new and exciting outlet.

Each and everyday millions of users access these social media in order to generate, express and learn concepts from one another.  Why wouldn’t your business want to take full advantage of a great resource like Twitter? Still not sure what Twitter is and how to use it check here! Twitter Explained

Twitter will not only let your organization branch out but also show that you’re keeping up with the times.  Businesses that are not current with new technologies or are not using tools such as Twitter will always come in second to those embracing the change in technology and social media.  Twitter Helps! Express your thoughts, locate resources, build relationships, gain knowledge and generate interest.  Can your company afford not to utilize it or an instrument like it?

If you are still weary there is no better reason to advance to the next stage of communication than it simply helps you stay connected.  Staying connected to your customers and retaining their future business is a key element for any company, and Twitter offers that. The Twitter communications platform not only connects a business with their customers it also allows real time market research regarding customer feedback.  By offering quick insights to the customer’s likes and dislikes Twitter enables companies to see what they are doing right, what they are doing wrong or what they could potentially improve on.

Reliability is a major positive attribute to any company, people need reliability and companies utilizing Twitter communication can offer them an enhanced level of it.  Being… Read the rest

Why You Should Have an Expert Perform Your SEO

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Expert Preform Your SEO Why You Should Have an Expert Perform Your SEOHey, Josh here from the Internet Beacon.


Running a business is a time consuming process, especially if you are a small business owner. Your focus is on getting your product or service delivered to the masses. You’re talented in a specific area or areas. However, you need to figure out a way for people to hear about your business. Well, an SEO Expert specializes in getting your name out there.  Here are some reasons why you should hire one to promote your business.


Just like you know how to do what you do best, an SEO expert knows how this process works. They’ve specialized in how to market your website efficiently. Trust them to take care of this process. This way you can focus on what you do best, running your business.


Lots of things seem cheaper to do on your own at the start. Sure, you can fix that noise in your car. Sure, you can take care of that pesky plumbing issue. Only once more problems have arisen does it turn out to cost a lot more than hiring a professional. The same goes with SEO. Letting a professional manage your Internet Marketing will not only save you money long term, but also time.

Getting Results

This is a combination of the first two reasons, as well as many other factors. In the end, a professional will get better results. They know the ins and outs of an industry that might be entirely foreign to you. Lots of people aren’t as Internet savvy as they’d like. So let the professionals deliver a quality service to you.

Internet Beacon

More info on SEO, check out our SEO Answers page, our SEO Glossary, and our blog posts on SEO.

SEM – Search Engine Marketing in Maryland

Tips for Choosing the Right Keywords For Your Site

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

keywords Tips for Choosing the Right Keywords For Your SiteHey, Josh here from the Internet Beacon. We are a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firm located in Maryland. What we do, SEO, is a subcategory of Internet Marketing. Similar to traditional advertising, SEO is all about getting your Brand out there. In this case, we’re working to get your website in front of customers through search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. For more quick, useful information, check out our SEO Answers page, our SEO Glossary, and our blog posts on SEO.

As we’ve discussed in previous posts, keywords are a big part of SEO. They help to identify your site to search engines, and give them something to associate with the web address. For this reason, they are one of the building blocks of SEO. Here are some tips for choosing the keywords you want to use.

Be Accurate

Accuracy is important here. If you are a florist in Baltimore, pick keywords that match your business. Keywords like “flowers Baltimore”, “Baltimore Florist”, etc will be perfect here. They accurately describe what you do and where you do it. If you chose something like “local business Baltimore”, then you will most likely see negative results. That’s because, while you ARE a local business in Baltimore, so is EVERYONE ELSE in Baltimore. You’ve cast too wide a net, and therefore will get lost among the other companies.

Be Specific, but not TOO Specific

Specificity is your friend when choosing keywords. However, if you over-specify, you will likely get lost I the crowd. A great way to think about this is trying to imagine what your potential customers will search for online. If you a store that specializes in comic books from the 1930s and 1940s, then something specific like “Golden Age comic books” would work well for you since it is a specific niche you are filling. However, that same keyword will not bring in people looking for regular comics. As you can see, this part is tricky.

When choosing keywords, make sure you talk to your SEO professional about how you want to describe your business online. They can often make… Read the rest

Five Ways You Can Build Your Business Using the Internet

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

build business Five Ways You Can Build Your Business Using the InternetHey everyone, Josh here from the Internet Beacon. The Internet Beacon is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firm located in Maryland. What we do, SEO, is a form of Internet Marketing. Much like traditional advertising, SEO is all about getting your name out there. In this case, we’re working to get your website in front of customers through search engines like Google and Yahoo. For more information, check out our SEO Answers page, SEO Glossary, and our blog posts on SEO. This week I’d like to give you five tips for growing your business using the Internet.

Perception is Everything

This is true in all walks of life, but especially on the Internet. People don’t get to see the person running the website. All they see is the site itself. If it looks like it was made using a basic text editor by someone’s cousin, that is the impression they get. They don’t notice the actual business as much. For this reason, it is important to have your website designed by a professional. My advice is to start small, and then branch out as necessary. Not every site needs a flashy intro, but they all need to look professional.

Preserve and Optimize your Advertising Budget

Getting your name out there can be challenging on the World Wide Web. It may seem like you are up against anyone and everyone. In some sense, you are. You are up against them for people’s time. So make sure you are taking the right steps to ensure that potential customers see your website before others. To this end, make sure a portion of your advertising budget goes towards Internet Marketing. This is a more and more important part of today’s economy, and you don’t want to miss it.

Build Relationships

While it’s true that your goal is to succeed as a business, few, if any, people can do it alone. This is why it is important to get to know the competition. They may not be as bad as you think. Many might be justRead the rest

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