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Using Google AdWords to Make a Name For Your Business

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Hey, Josh here from the InternetBeacon.

Google, as we all know, is powered by advertising. It hardly makes sense to be in the search engine biz unless you can make a little money. Well, Google makes a lot of money. A large part of how they do that is a program called AdWords. AdWords is a marketing tool that allows you to design custom ads that will appear alongside search results from the Google engine. Let’s take a look at how it works.

First, you tell Google what kind of ad you want to post. For our purposes, let’s say simple text. Rather than making you go through an elaborate process, they have a simple, fill-in field system that lets you describe what you are advertising. Formatting and the like are all taken care of by Google. Part of this is determining the keywords you want to use for this ad. This will tell Google when to display your ads. If you aren’t keen on using text only, you can also opt for image ads using their web-based software.

As far as paying for these ads goes, it’s pretty simple. These ads are what we call Pay-Per-Click. This means that you only pay when someone using Google actually clicks on your website’s ad. You can set how much you are willing to pay as well as how much your budget is for that day. This keeps you from racking up a huge bill without noticing.

AdWords is a successful part of the Google brand. For those looking to get started marketing their business or for those who want to expand their reach, AdWords is worth a look.

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Internet Beacon

Internet Marketing – Knowing Your Target Audience

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

who buys your products Internet Marketing – Knowing Your Target Audience

Knowing Your Target Audience In Your Store and Online

Hey, Josh here from the Internet Beacon. We are a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firm located in Maryland. What we do, SEO, is a subcategory of Internet Marketing. Similar to traditional advertising, SEO is all about getting your Brand out there. In this case, we’re working to get your website in front of customers through search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. For more quick, useful information, check out our SEO Answers page, our SEO Glossary, and our blog posts on SEO.

While we here at Internet Beacon specialize in Internet Marketing, what we don’t specialize in is each individual client’s target market. That it not to say we can’t help you with this area. It does mean that if you already know your target market, working together goes faster and smoother. To this end, here are some tips on how to get to know your target market.

First, see who buys your products. This sounds easier than it is, but it is important. If you have a storefront, keep track of who comes in. Then, note who buys things and who browses. If you have a large amount of teenagers coming in to buy things, then you need to make sure you are reaching that market. If your store specifically caters to a particular crowd, like stay-at-home moms, take steps to ensure they are being targeted by your marketing. This will extend to your presence online as well.

Second, tailor your website to reflect not only your business’ offerings, but also the type of clientele you are trying to reach. If your store sells extreme sports merchandise, your website needs to show this. Don’t use boring colors or plain advertisements. This is an area in which we can assist you. We will meet with you and get your feedback on how you want your website to look. From there, we go to work using your specifications. Remember, getting your target demographic to notice you means getting to know… Read the rest

Five MORE Ways to Grow Your Business Using the Internet

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

payment options Five MORE Ways to Grow Your Business Using the InternetHey everyone, Josh here from the Internet Beacon. The Internet Beacon is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firm located in Maryland. What we do, SEO, is a form of Internet Marketing. Much like traditional advertising, SEO is all about getting your name out there. In this case, we’re working to get your website in front of customers through search engines like Google and Yahoo. For more information, check out our SEO Answers pageSEO Glossary, and our blog posts on SEO. Welcome back! I promised five more ways to make your business grow using the Internet last week and here we are. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Stay Plugged Into the News

These days it isn’t enough to read the paper or watch your local newscaster every night if you want to stay up to date on current events. The fact of the matter is that everything that happens these days can be reported instantly via Twitter, etc. Make sure you stay up to date on what is happening in your field. If not, you may be left holding the bag later when one of your business functions goes contrary to current standards/public demand.

Open Up Your Payment Options

Remember when everyone paid cash for everything? How about when debit cards were just coming on the scene? Over time, people’s methods for handing their wealth change and evolve. Because of this, it is necessary to consider how you receive payments. I recommend checking out alternative payment methods, like PayPal for handling some of your financial transactions with customers. This is especially important if you offer services that are a “one-time fee” or a good that can be purchased online.

Offer Live Chat with Customers

One thing that is certain in today’s Information Age is that communication is king. Because of this, a great idea for your business may be offering an online chat function to prospective clients. This could be as simple as using AOL Instant Messenger or as complicated as Adobe Connect Pro. The point is to establish a tangible online… Read the rest

Why not Develop a Marketing Plan for 2010?

Monday, December 7th, 2009
Develop a what? A marketing plan.
But we only have 3 employees.
Whether we have annual gross revenue of 100 thousand or 100 million dollars a marketing plan can help us reach the customers that we want to reach.
Here are 3 simple reasons why:
1. A Marketing Plan Summarizes The Various Marketing Ideas We Have Thought Of
Compiling our ideas together in a document will make our ideas real.
Additionally, we are not taking any action yet, just compiling the marketing ideas, assigning a dollar cost for budget purposes, and a due date.
For an over simplified example:
Goal Task
Gain 2 additional
local customers
Mail 100 postcards locally
Budget Due Date
$25 February 1, 2010
marketing strategy Why not Develop a Marketing Plan for 2010?
2. Hang a Marketing Plan Summary over Our Desk
Reminders are great, especially a reminder to get moving on the tasks we outlined in our marketing plan.
So upon completion of our marketing plan, we can summarize our tasks, assign due dates and hang it over our desk (or just the tasks section or media plan section). If you are like me, move it once in a while so it does not blend in with the scenery.
Additionally, when a new idea occurs we can add it to the marketing plan.
3. A Marketing Plan Can Break Down Large Tasks into Smaller Less Scary Tasks
I remember a boss many

Read the rest

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