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Why not Develop a Marketing Plan for 2010?

Monday, December 7th, 2009
Develop a what? A marketing plan.
But we only have 3 employees.
Whether we have annual gross revenue of 100 thousand or 100 million dollars a marketing plan can help us reach the customers that we want to reach.
Here are 3 simple reasons why:
1. A Marketing Plan Summarizes The Various Marketing Ideas We Have Thought Of
Compiling our ideas together in a document will make our ideas real.
Additionally, we are not taking any action yet, just compiling the marketing ideas, assigning a dollar cost for budget purposes, and a due date.
For an over simplified example:
Goal Task
Gain 2 additional
local customers
Mail 100 postcards locally
Budget Due Date
$25 February 1, 2010
marketing strategy Why not Develop a Marketing Plan for 2010?
2. Hang a Marketing Plan Summary over Our Desk
Reminders are great, especially a reminder to get moving on the tasks we outlined in our marketing plan.
So upon completion of our marketing plan, we can summarize our tasks, assign due dates and hang it over our desk (or just the tasks section or media plan section). If you are like me, move it once in a while so it does not blend in with the scenery.
Additionally, when a new idea occurs we can add it to the marketing plan.
3. A Marketing Plan Can Break Down Large Tasks into Smaller Less Scary Tasks
I remember a boss many

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