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The Dark Side of SEO: Avoiding Black Hat Techniques

Friday, November 19th, 2010

black hat The Dark Side of SEO: Avoiding Black Hat TechniquesHello there! Welcome to the Internet Beacon’s awesome weblog. If you’re here for SEO tips for small businesses, you’ve come to the right place

Alright, people. You need hits on your website and there are ways to get it. SEO, like most things, has two sides. Classic programming lingo refers to these as White Hat and Black Hat. The former is the kind of SEO that a reputable firm will offer you. However, there are plenty of companies that will push your website using the latter’s illicit tactics. Here are three Black Hat techniques to avoid

Article Spinning

Article Spinning takes several forms. One of them is respinning articles from either your own blog or someone else’s blog. You take bits and pieces and change them to make it seem like they’re different. This gets around the duplication rule, but means that you’re offering up no new content. You’re tricking people into finding your site, but what happens when they get there?

Keyword Stuffing

This one is an old tactic that is starting to disappear. Essentially, search engines would use keywords plugged into your META description to help find the site. The only problem is that people were jamming their description full of words that might not even apply to their site. This made for inaccurate search results and irritated web users.


This is one of the worst offenders, in my opinion. Spamdexing happens when you fill a website with repeated keywords and phrases to the point where it becomes ridiculous. Paragraphs make little sense and the whole text body is designed to be a cheap marketing tool that only serves to frustrate the visitors.

All in all, Black Hat tactics are not worth the price. Sure you might get a brief spike in traffic, but once the search engines catch you, it’s over. Your site gets blacklisted and now you aren’t getting any hits at all. This is all on top of the sloppy mess of a website you’ll be running.



Five MORE Ways to Grow Your Business Using the Internet

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

payment options Five MORE Ways to Grow Your Business Using the InternetHey everyone, Josh here from the Internet Beacon. The Internet Beacon is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firm located in Maryland. What we do, SEO, is a form of Internet Marketing. Much like traditional advertising, SEO is all about getting your name out there. In this case, we’re working to get your website in front of customers through search engines like Google and Yahoo. For more information, check out our SEO Answers pageSEO Glossary, and our blog posts on SEO. Welcome back! I promised five more ways to make your business grow using the Internet last week and here we are. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Stay Plugged Into the News

These days it isn’t enough to read the paper or watch your local newscaster every night if you want to stay up to date on current events. The fact of the matter is that everything that happens these days can be reported instantly via Twitter, etc. Make sure you stay up to date on what is happening in your field. If not, you may be left holding the bag later when one of your business functions goes contrary to current standards/public demand.

Open Up Your Payment Options

Remember when everyone paid cash for everything? How about when debit cards were just coming on the scene? Over time, people’s methods for handing their wealth change and evolve. Because of this, it is necessary to consider how you receive payments. I recommend checking out alternative payment methods, like PayPal for handling some of your financial transactions with customers. This is especially important if you offer services that are a “one-time fee” or a good that can be purchased online.

Offer Live Chat with Customers

One thing that is certain in today’s Information Age is that communication is king. Because of this, a great idea for your business may be offering an online chat function to prospective clients. This could be as simple as using AOL Instant Messenger or as complicated as Adobe Connect Pro. The point is to establish a tangible online… Read the rest

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