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WordPress 3.2 is Available: Are you ready for the Upgrade?

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Prior to last year’s release of WordPress Version 3.1, WordPress announced that 3.1 would be the last version to support PHP 4 and MySQL 4. During the announcement WordPress stated that version 3.2 could be expected early 2011 and emphasized that it would require PHP 5.2.4+ and a minimum of MySQL 5.0.15. The reason for their early announcement was to provide users with plenty of time meet the future requirements. At that time, WordPress had over 45 million users and 11% of those users were still using PHP 4. Along with the new requirements for PHP and MySQL, they also decided to drop support for legacy browsers such as Internet Explorer 6. Users who access the software using an outdated or unsupported browser will now be notified by a new built in feature.

wordpress 3.2 upgrade notice WordPress 3.2 is Available: Are you ready for the Upgrade?

WordPress 3.2.1 Upgrade Notice

WordPress 3.2 was released to the public last week, July 4, 2011. Focusing on a faster and lighter experience the WordPress 3.2 features a redesigned dashboard, Twenty-Eleven theme, admin bar, and a full screen editing mode. The new dashboard design removes the old administrator header and replaces it with the new and improved admin bar. The new admin bar now offers more options and links to important places within WordPress. In addition to the admin bar version 3.2 adds more drop down menus for easy navigation and a faster selection process. The redesigned dashboard provides a more seamless experience that can be fully customized. Another major feature with the 2011 release is the full screen distraction free text editor. With this feature users can focus completely on their writing and easily access hidden editor tools by hovering at the top of the editor. WordPress also adjusted and improved comment approval and reply options for a more streamlined conversation management.

Are you ready to update?

Before beginning the upgrade process users are advised to complete the following checklist


WordPress Suggestions to Engage Readers and Gain More Comments

Friday, April 15th, 2011

For bloggers there is nothing better than seeing readers engaged and contributing their input to the discussion.  We often write blogs to pass on information to visitors and it is often challenging to see that the topic has sparked minimal reactions or comments from the blog readers.  Unless you’re an extremely popular blogger we look for comments to quantify how many people are receiving our information and find it helpful.

online discussion WordPress Suggestions to Engage Readers and Gain More Comments
Although people may be utilizing the resource that is provided an author won’t exactly know if it was useful unless their readers tell them or become active in the discussion or a Tweet.  For bloggers a main goal is to not only to share the information but also to connect with readers by assisting people across the web.  Whether it is sharing recent news, instructions, support, or information they found interesting, bloggers may see an increase in visitors using analytics but won’t really know how the information came across without user feedback.

There are a number of factors that readers often take into account when deciding if they are going to comment on the subject or join the discussion.  Some of these factors include the following:

Blog Page Rank:

It may not be the most important factor because a link is a link regardless of page rank and readers will see it as a method to point or direct traffic to their own website.  However keep in mind that most users focus on blogs with high page ranks because they are trying to gain more link equity through their comment links.

Blog Topic:

Even with a low page rank is you choose the right topic it will still be able to engage the reader and encourage comments.  A good topic should be current, informative, and possibly controversial.

Author and Writing Style:

Every author has their own style or type of language they use when communicating.  Readers want to be able to connect with and understand an author when reading their work.  Keep in mind that although it is important to

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WordPress Plug-Ins That Can Make SEO Much Easier!

Friday, February 18th, 2011

wordpress plugin WordPress Plug Ins That Can Make SEO Much Easier!WordPress is a web-based software that allows users to create and manage websites and blogs.  The open source structure enables people from around the world to contribute to and maintain their WordPress website whether on WordPress’ web server or installed on their own web server.  Although WordPress initially began as a blog tool it has developed into something so much more.  By utilizing plug-ins, widgets, and themes users have the opportunity to fully customize their experience. A plug-in is software that can be added to existing software, like WordPress, which adds a new specific capability to the larger software application. For a full list of WordPress product features visit WordPress Product Features.

There are over thirteen thousand plug-ins available for the WordPress software making it extremely easy to tailor it to your specific uses.  The following are some useful SEO plug-ins that the WordPress open source community has provided.

All-in-one SEO plug-ins such as WordPress SEO and SEO Scribe are designed to perform overall multiple SEO tasks that include optimizing content faster, providing great keywords, maintaining reader engagement, constructing quality links and increasing traffic! Most of the all in one SEO plug-ins operate similarly and perform similar functions.  The following are among the most utilized all-in-one SEO WordPress plug-ins:

Below is a list of related, individual plug-ins that can be helpful in improving your blog or website’s Search Engine Optimization and enhancing Social Media Marketing:

AddToAny Share/Bookmark/Email:

AddToAny creates a customizable panel that showcases social networking sites.  It makes it extremely easy and convenient for a visitor to submit to any social networking sites.  The share menu organizes the social media sites according to most visited.

SEO Friendly Images:

The SEO Friendly Images WordPress plug-in automatically adds the “ALT” and “title” attributes to any images on your

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