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WordPress 3.2 is Available: Are you ready for the Upgrade?

July 14, 2011 by Dustin

Prior to last year’s release of WordPress Version 3.1, WordPress announced that 3.1 would be the last version to support PHP 4 and MySQL 4. During the announcement WordPress stated that version 3.2 could be expected early 2011 and emphasized that it would require PHP 5.2.4+ and a minimum of MySQL 5.0.15. The reason for their early announcement was to provide users with plenty of time meet the future requirements. At that time, WordPress had over 45 million users and 11% of those users were still using PHP 4. Along with the new requirements for PHP and MySQL, they also decided to drop support for legacy browsers such as Internet Explorer 6. Users who access the software using an outdated or unsupported browser will now be notified by a new built in feature.

wordpress 3.2 upgrade notice WordPress 3.2 is Available: Are you ready for the Upgrade?

WordPress 3.2.1 Upgrade Notice

WordPress 3.2 was released to the public last week, July 4, 2011. Focusing on a faster and lighter experience the WordPress 3.2 features a redesigned dashboard, Twenty-Eleven theme, admin bar, and a full screen editing mode. The new dashboard design removes the old administrator header and replaces it with the new and improved admin bar. The new admin bar now offers more options and links to important places within WordPress. In addition to the admin bar version 3.2 adds more drop down menus for easy navigation and a faster selection process. The redesigned dashboard provides a more seamless experience that can be fully customized. Another major feature with the 2011 release is the full screen distraction free text editor. With this feature users can focus completely on their writing and easily access hidden editor tools by hovering at the top of the editor. WordPress also adjusted and improved comment approval and reply options for a more streamlined conversation management.

Are you ready to update?

Before beginning the upgrade process users are advised to complete the following checklist



Although these features have added to the new version of WordPress this version has experienced its fair share of hiccups. Among the problems discovered are incompatible plugins which is to be expected when new versions of any software are released. Depending on the plugin the user may have to disable or remove if they are unable to find new versions of the plugins that are supported by 3.2. Numerous other complaints concern image uploading, PHP script errors, and 404 page errors. These are only a few of the bugs associated with 3.2 and according to a number of users this release seems to have more bugs than normal.

Fortunately, a week after the Independence Day release of 3.2 WordPress published version 3.2.1. Version 3.2.1 addresses some of the issues impacting users that had recently upgraded however a number of users continue to report problems. Regrettably, WordPress does not have an easy Automated Downgrade Process. Users who have experienced problems with the new version should attempt to upgrade to 3.2.1. If the problems still persist try seeking assistance from the WordPress’s Support Community.

If all else fails, users can downgrade to their previous version by Restoring from a backup, assuming that you made a back of the database and files. A downgrade is typically not recommended because newer versions often include security updates and a rollback may put your site at risk. The change between the database configurations between versions may also cause complications when maintaining the site’s content, posts, comments, and plugins. Without making a backup of your entire site and database prior to your upgrade a successful rollback is near impossible.

With every new software version that is introduced there is always a chance that something can go wrong. It is extremely important that you take the time to set up a regular backup schedule and always create a backup before performing an upgrade. It also helps to perform research prior to performing the upgrade in order to know what you are getting into rather than just jumping in blindly. Make sure you understand the new features, how they will impact your current setup, and explore the reported problems and solutions for the newest version before you get stuck in a bad situation.

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