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8 Ways Having A Blog Can Benefit Your Business!

January 5, 2011 by Dustin

For those of us who are new to blogging, this article will simply describe how having a blog will promote you and your business.   It will also serve up some useful tips for managing your blog properly.

Blogging has been around for sometime now but it was only recently that people had noticed the level of importance and beneficial properties that it offers.   blog 8 Ways Having A Blog Can Benefit Your Business! Blogs are basically online interactive journals that span any number of topics.   Some blogs are personal, detailing the actions of an individual and some are organization blogs which usually cover topics and events associated with that organization.   Disregarding whether it is used as a personal or professional outlet, a blog is a handy instrument that can be used to gain momentum and popularity over the Internet.   So a Blog can be a channel for you to express your ideas as well as drive up the success of your business!

So what are the Benefits Of Having A Blog?

Web Presence!

  1. A blog is an excellent way to reach out to your existing clients and gain more along the way.
  2. A quick way to supply news, promotions, ideas, or other information to your audience!
  3. Offers an effective way to provide customer service and support to your customers!
  4. A blog helps establish you as a professional.
  5. Help you build a following and gain respect within your industry and blogging community!
  6. Efficiently increases traffic to your site!   Search engines like, actually love blogs and the keywords found in your blog entries attract more customers to your site looking for information about those keywords.
  7. Allows for you to obtain rapid feedback from blog participants.
  8. Writing a blog also makes your company more approachable! People will have an easier time communicating with you because you are on a more personal level.

Are you convinced that you should have a blog?

These tips might Help with Creating and Managing a Blog.

  • Choose a time to write your blog entry. ( Daily, weekly or monthly?)
  • Stick to your schedule and try to post your blog entry at the same time and on the same day.
  • Include a picture and profile with your posting.
  • Be yourself and add a personal touch.
  • Allow people to comment on your blog.
  • Know who your audience is.
  • Market your blog, post to social networks, tell people, and make sure your blog link is displayed clearly on your website.
  • Stick to a specific genre.
  • Read other blogs
  • Blogging can be fun And Practice Helps!

Check out more information on blogging here!

Additional ways to increase your success!

How to Blog for beginners

What is Blogging?

Thanks for reading!


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