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Increasing Your WebSite’s Popularity with Quality Link Building

January 28, 2011 by Dustin

How to Measure the Value of A Link!
If you are familiar with the links Increasing Your WebSite’s Popularity with Quality Link Buildinginner workings of a Search Engine then you probably know that search engines calculate the standing of your website using a number of different factors.  Link value analysis is among these factors, which is derived from the quantity and reputation of the other web pages that link to your website.  In addition to examining the popularity of connected pages, search engines analyze a website’s primary characteristics such as trustworthiness, spam level (is your website useful), and perceptible authority (legitimacy).

In order to grow the popularity of your website, generate awareness, and increase traffic from search engines it is important to perform link building and analysis.  So how do you know the value of a link? Although search engines keep the majority of their ranking factors private, some of the clearer and more notable factors include the following.

  1. Global Reach: If you want to have a link from a website to your website (a backlink), does that website have quality backlinks to other quality websites, in other words does that website have importance, reach, and scope.  Nothing is more impressive than having a well know and hard hitting website in your corner!
  2. Community Merit: Equally important to websites with global reach are topic specific links that hold merit and commonality to the website on a topic level.  Web sites that are in the same business or cover similar topics and industries can provide a stable ranking foundation.
  3. Anchor Text: Using anchor text is both important on inbound links to your website and navigational links within your website. A well built website can rank higher by using keywords in their anchor text. This anchor text should both describe the link and be a representation of the general content on the target page. It is additionally helpful to use keywords in the anchor text of links guiding traffic to your website.  The more onsite and offsite links to your web page and within your website, with the pertinent keywords, the potentially higher credible rank.
  4. Trust Rank: With the estimate that more than half of the Internet web pages out there being web spam or un-useful web pages, linking to and from trusted or legitimate sites can provide a major advantage in earning a high trust rank, while linking to spam websites could hurt your website’s rank.

I suppose the moral of this story is to choose the websites who you link with cautiously. It may be prudent to be diligent about both the sites you attempt to link with as well as those sites that to link to you.  Building your backlink profile is important to increasing your website’s reputation and bringing in more visitors.  These are only a few elements to consider when link building.  While creating your link profile is a challenging part of SEO, the rewards can be huge!

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