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Microsoft Shifts Focus of Silverlight Plug-in to Mobile

Thursday, November 4th, 2010
microsoft silverlight Microsoft Shifts Focus of Silverlight Plug in to Mobile

Microsoft Silverlight from Nov 2010

Hello there! Welcome to the Internet Beacon’s awesome weblog. If you’re here for SEO tips for small businesses, you’ve come to the right place. If you’ve used any Microsoft backed site in the past two years or so, you’ve no doubt had to install their Silverlight plug-in.

Indeed, Microsoft was pushing to get Silverlight installed and in use everywhere they could. However, after years of attempting to make it an industry standard, Microsoft recently admitted that they are changing their focus for Silverlight.

A representative has told news sources that they are pushing to embrace HTML5, the upcoming programming standard for websites and backed by the W3C. This is a surprise, but certainly a good move on Microsoft’s part. Big companies like Apple and Google are already backing the open standard for the Web. In fact, the representative confirmed that because of mobile devices that use Apple’s iOS, they are pushing for HTML5. Microsoft confirmed that Silverlight will play a big role in their own upcoming Windows Phone OS.

What does this mean for the Web? It means that one less standard competing for dominance. The Web is going mobile, and has been for years. More and more it is becoming a utility with applications inside the home, but with large importance on the go. By choosing to back HTML5 instead of a fledgling language, Microsoft is hedging its bets.


Internet Beacon

HTML5 and Adobe Flash Clash Over the Future of the Web

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Hello and welcome to the Internet Beacon! We’re an SEO firm in Maryland.

Apple and Adobe‘s feud has been appearing in the press more and more lately. These two industry giants are poised to start one of the next great IT wars. If you don’t know what’s going on, let me explain. Apple is pushing for HTML5, the open standard for the Web to be ratified by the W3C, the body that governs Internet coding standards, to be the way coders create exciting new content. Adobe, owners of Flash, among other things, are arguing that Flash is integral to the Web and Apple needs to build its devices to work with it. Here are some arguments for both sides:


HTML5 will be the standard in approximately 2012, when it is ratified by the W3C. Pages are currently coded in a mix of many languages with a myriad of plug-ins. Proponents of HTML5 are arguing that it will be able to deliver all that we use now, but with one single language. This will make coding easier and require less powerful machines. This all sounds great. However, there is a downside. Programmers who have built their careers using plug-ins like Adobe Flash will have to learn a whole new language if they want to stay employed and relevant.  This could create a crisis for web design.

Apple is arguing that since this will be the adopted standard, that it is time to set aside plug-ins and use a unified language.

Adobe Flash

Flash has been the “go to” for creating powerful and creative web content for years now. Taking many forms over the years, Flash has definitely woven it’s way into the fabric of the Web. From simple navigation tools to graphically stunning games and media, Flash is what developers use.  The only downside to this is that these programs demand more and more as they grow. Additional bandwidth and more powerful machines are required to experience these items. Think of someone with… Read the rest

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