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Firefox 5 Supports Multiple Platform Do not Track Feature

June 22, 2011 by Dustin

It was only two months ago that Mozilla released Firefox4, one of the most successful browser releases that received over two hundred million downloads. Following the success of Firefox 4, Mozilla had announced and implemented a new production cycle to accommodate a rapid product release environment. The new production has enabled Mozilla to quickly develop and test new products which have led to them being able to offer a new version of Firefox only months later. As described in the Mozilla Blog, the new release is the first browser to support a Do Not Track privacy feature on multiple platforms.

Firefox Beta Icon Firefox 5 Supports Multiple Platform Do not Track Feature 

from, June 2011

Mozilla first announced its new Rapid Release Development Cycle back in April. The previous production cycle contained three channels which included “Nightly Testing Builds”, “Firefox Beta”, and “Firefox Final Release”. The new development process introduced “ Aurora”. Aurora allows users to test new features and concepts that are more refined than those in the Nightly testing and less polished than the ones available in Beta testing. For a full description on the Mozilla constructing, testing, and release process visit the Mozilla Development Center. The new cycle has enabled Mozilla to test their feature and execute a faster product delivery for their customers. The two months it has taken Mozilla to develop Firefox5 are a drastic difference compared to the two years it took to deliver Firefox 4 to the public.

According to Mozilla “The latest version of Firefox includes more than 1,000 improvements and performance enhancements that make it easier to discover and use all of the innovative features in Firefox. This release adds support for modern Web technologies that make it easier for developers to build amazing Firefox Add-ons, Web applications and websites.”

Visually the new version and Firefox4 display no differences however the recent release now offers support for CSS animations, Do Not Track preferences, improved canvas and JavaScript support, better tuned HTTP idle connection logic, and better standards for canvas, HTML5, XHR, MathML, and SMIL. The look and feel of Firefox4 remain intact, the new version primarily sets out to enhance the support, speed, privacy, and overall user experience. Firefox 5 keeps all of the great features and focuses on implementing fixes and the elimination of bugs discovered in version 4.0.

Mozilla also announced Tuesday June 21, 2011 that the Firefox for Android release also includes the Do Not track privacy settings. As the first browser to support this feature on multiple platforms, Mozilla aims to generate more user control over how they are tracked or monitored while accessing the Internet. These new features can be customized in the Firefox preferences tab and lets the user decide which sites can track their activity, browsing habits, and preferences.

Firefox is now also offering Add-on SDK and Add-on Builder Beta, features that make it easier for Web developers to construct Firefox Add-ons using HTML, JavaScript and CSS. The new features provide a hosted web-based environment for developers that will assist them in the creation of new add-ons.

Mozilla writes “Creating add-ons for Firefox is now quick and easy. If you’re familiar with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, then you already have the necessary skills to build add-ons using these tools. In addition, all add-ons created with the Add-on Builder or Add-on SDK are restart-less by default, meaning users do not have to interrupt their browsing to begin using your add-on right away.

In addition, Firefox5 performs slightly faster than its previous version however it is not as dramatic of a difference as seen from version 3.5 to 4.0. Try out the latest version of Firefox at Mozilla or for existing users click on the “Check for Updates option located on the “About Firefox” menu. To get the latest version for your Android device visit the Android Market. For more information check out the Mozilla Press Center and Mozilla Development Channels.

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