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Google Gears Up to Launch Its New Social Network, Google +

June 29, 2011 by Dustin

On Tuesday June 28, 2011 Google announced that they are very close to launching their new social network called Google +. Not to be confused with Google +1, the new Google + is a social network that is currently in a “field trial period” with a limited number of testers. Although there is no news available regarding the interaction between Google +1 and Google +, it seems logical that eventually the two Google services will somehow be used to complement one another. The goal of Google + is to bring more humanity or emotion to the world of online sharing and interaction.

The foundation of Google’s social network feels similar to other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. From the looks of it, Google + appears to incorporate the basics of social networking that we have grown comfortable with and even manages to offer a few unique and innovative features. Users can expect the following features to be included on the Google + Social Networking website following the trial testing period.

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+ Profile:

Creating a Google + Profile is similar to a Facebook profile. The profile enables users to fill in a bio, contact info, interests, upload photos, and link to other sites that they have created. This profile lets users remain in control by specifying who has access to their information and how much of their information is visible.  The post tab located on the profile page also contains a record of all the posts made by the users. It’s important to mention that changing a Google + profile name will also change the name associated with your Google account and other Google services.


+ Circles:

Sharing on social networking should be more selective. In most cases the things you tell people depend on the type of relationship. It’s unlikely that you would share the same information with your friends and family as you would with co-workers or associates. The way a person communicates with different individuals often contributes more meaning to their relationships and this aspect shouldn’t change while communicating online. With Google + Circles a user can create groups of people in order to share more selectively. The Google + Circles feature aims to help people share responsibly and effectively, without losing the sense of traditional communication. Have something to say to only your closest friends, family, or work acquaintances? With Google + selective sharing is as easy as creating a circle, naming the circle, dragging and dropping people into that circle, and sharing.



The Stream is the home page of Google +, it’s where you can access all of the features, share your content, or view the content of other users. Along with the search bar there are four main icons for easy navigation. The Stream page, Profile page, Photo’s page, and the Circles page each have an icon located at the top of the page. The center or main Stream section is where you can view the posts from other users as well as the content that you have recently shared. On the right column a user can view their circles, start a hangout, or visit a suggested link. On the opposite side is the user’s profile picture, profile link, welcome tab, incoming messages from people who aren’t in your circles, Sparks search engine, instant messaging and video chat.



Google + Sparks is a search engine that is built into the Google + social network. In life when we come across something we like or feel passionate about we immediately want to share it with the people we know. The internet is a place where this discovery and sharing occur more rapidly. With the help of Sparks, users can find great content and easily share it with anyone they know. Sparks enables users to search any subject and share it with others in over 40 languages. After searching a topic simply select the “add an interest” button and watch your interest spark  reactions and ignite a conversation.



One of the most exciting features, Google + Hangouts preserves the social interaction and personal communications that are often lost over the Internet. Hangout’s provides an on screen gathering for casual meet ups and live multi-person video chatting. When a Hangout is in progress users can navigate to one of their circles, locate a person with the “Live” icon located on their profile and select “join hangout”. Users can also create their own hangouts and invite select groups of people to join them.



Users can download the Google + App free for their Android, Apple, BlackBerry, Nokia, and Windows mobile devices. With Google + mobile you can instantly upload and share your experiences. Individuals with a Google + account can also huddle. Huddle is a great way to get all your friends on the same page by taking multiple text communications and transforming them in a live group conversation.


In addition to bringing a more real life feel to online communication, Google + also maintains a strong focus on the privacy and personal options of its users. Be sure to keep an eye out for the upcoming Google + and Visit the Google + Sign Up page to register to be notified when the social network is available.

To learn more visit the Google Blog and Google + Support.

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