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Blog Pictures: Best Practices for Finding and Using Blog Pictures

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Adding a visual interest to your blog is a great way to attract an audience and it also serves to break up some of the more text heavy articles. However using an image on a blog can be a little tricky due to copyrights. Now of course this doesn’t apply to people who create their own custom images or showcase their personal photos. For the rest of us it is important to know how to protect ourselves from any possible infringement. The following is some background on copyright infringement and the best practices for avoiding it when applying a picture to your blog.

creative commons images Blog Pictures: Best Practices for Finding and Using Blog Pictures

Basic Creative Commons licenses

Blog Pictures – Why Images are good for your blog:

As the saying goes a picture can speak a thousand words, having an illustration that is relevant to your content add a level of detail to your content and often influences readers to read your article. Utilizing an image on your blog can also help increase SEO value with the use of Alt attributes. ALT attributes help the visually impaired readers who use screen readers and may provide bonus points with Google.

The best types of images to add to your blog:

  • Eye catching photos – Something that relates to your article or can be used as an interpretation of the article’s title.
  • Photos with people in them – Displaying a relevant image with people also helps the audience connect with the theme of the article.
  • Screen Shots – Screen shots are probably the best way to depict the topic of the article because more than likely it will be a screenshot of the subject that you are talking about. For example if you are writing a tutorial you can provide step by step screen shots. Additionally, if you are talking about a specific software application you can take a screen shot of their company logo or user interface. A good screenshot tool to have is GreenShot.

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