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Three Ways to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic

March 19, 2010 by Josh

internet buzz words Three Ways to Increase Your Blog’s TrafficHey, everyone. Welcome to the Internet Beacon’s blog. My name is Josh. We’re an internet marketing firm located in Finksburg, MD. We specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO means that we work with you and your website to increase its popularity online with search engines like Google and Yahoo. For more information, please check out our SEO Answers page and our previous blog post on SEO. This week, I’d like to talk about increasing traffic to your blog.

Putting Down Roots

A blog is essentially a journal that’s posted online for everyone to see. Blogs are often a part of a community of other bloggers. To this end, informal communities tend to spring up around blogs that associate with a common theme or idea. Use this to your advantage. Leave intelligent comments on blogs with similar topics to your own. However, exercise caution here. You don’t want to go around spamming other people with links to your site. You will quickly become ignored. Rather, simply join into the online conversation. Most sites will offer you a chance to leave a name and website, so use that as your point of contact.

Stick to the Plan

Anyone who has ever worked on a project will tell you that one of the most dangerous things is Scope Creep. Scope creep means that, in addition to the original goal of the project, there are now more things added to the “to do” list. This is a danger to blogs as well. What started as a great way to share your ideas on kangaroo raising has now branched out into stock tips and personal rants. It can happen to anyone, so make sure that you keep your posts on task.

Meeting the Neighbors

Along the lines of getting involved in a community, get to know the people running the other blogs in your area of expertise. Most people relish friendly competition, and this can turn into a pleasant business relationship. For example, there are many SEO Blogs online. Some of the authors of these blogs get together to exchange information, swap stories, etc a few times a year. If other bloggers notice that you are contributing in a recognizable, positive way, you may find yourself in a much better position than when you started.

Well, that’s all for this week. Thanks for stopping by, folks. We’ll see you back next week.

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