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Which Tablet PC is Right for You? iPad and Alternatives.

Friday, December 17th, 2010
samsung galaxy tablet in use Which Tablet PC is Right for You? iPad and Alternatives.

Galaxy tablet (Dec 2010) from

Hey everyone this is Dustin, Welcome to our blog.

2010 has definitely been the year for PC tablets! With the release of the Apple iPad in April 2010, other names have quickly began to emerge. Although we may have only heard of a few, there were more than 60 types of tablet PC’s released this year.  Apple has reintroduced the tablet design to the world in an attempt to separate themselves from other tablet computers. They have opened the eyes of both consumers and competitors to the possibilities of tablet style computing.

For those that don’t already know, a PC tablet is a portable personal computer that operates wirelessly and often uses the touch screen function.  PC tablets are frequently helpful because they are a smaller size compared to a Notebook but a larger size when compared to a Smartphone.  PC Tablets offer more convenient and lightweight alternatives to the other devices.

There are multiple types of PC tablets which range from convertible tablets to the more common slate tablets.  A Convertible Tablet often has a screen that is able to rotate in order to close the incorporated hardware keyboard where as a Slate Tablet is a stand alone device that is strictly a touch screen and displays an onscreen keyboard for users. In addition there are also tablets that include features from both Convertible Tablets and Slate Tablet which are called Hybrid PC Tablets.  Also, among the various formats are tablets that are encased in a hard shell that are called Rugged Tablets.

PC Tablets are hardly a new concept.  It was in the early 1980’s that the first concept of tablet personal computers surfaced.  Despite the excitement that was generated from the innovative idea the earlier attempts at tablet style devices failed.  The complex engineering and lack of technology led to the downfall of the tablet design.  However with the growth of our current technology the tablet design has resurfaced and now introduces even more… Read the rest

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