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Google +1, How Is It Measuring Up to the Like Button?

June 8, 2011 by Dustin

Back in March Google began rolling out their +1 feature locally on their Google results page. The new feature enables users to activate the Plus 1 button when they wanted to recommend a website to other users. Since Facebook did not want to have their Like Button located on the Google search results page and chose to showcase it on Bing instead, Google has taken action and created its own way to boost social interaction. Similar to the Facebook Like Button, the plus 1 feature lets users put their stamp of approval on a website.

+1 Button Google +1, How Is It Measuring Up to the Like Button?

From,  June 2011

Exactly one week ago on June 1, 2011 Google announced that they are now offering the +1 button to website developers to place on their own content. On the day of the announcement the +1 buttons started appearing on major websites like,, and After only a week the button now appears on large and small websites all across the Internet. Websites can display the button and enable people to recommend their website, blog or even individual products. Already the Google +1 feature seems to have a solid foundation but it continues to work towards being as widely used as its Facebook counterpart. From what we can tell here at Internet Beacon, the Google +1 button is being used frequently on the search results page but doesn’t quite yet have the exposure necessary to properly compete with the Facebook and Twitter sharing buttons that are on individual websites. In time this could change drastically, after all the button is only a week old.

It makes sense that Google would eventually assign some sort of values to this feature where the more plus ones a website has would equal a rank better, however it is still unclear how this development will affect SEO and the Google website ranking algorithm. Google could determine that sites who utilize their social media metric are more trustworthy or valuable sources, or perhaps they will maintain the plus one feature strictly as a social device to help users. Whether or not this metric is used when Google assigns a web rank it is unlikely to completely unbalance web rankings due to the tremendous amount of other ranking factors that Google takes into consideration.

Regardless of the effects that the new feature will have on Search Engine Optimization is will remain a good way to increase your sites exposure. Of course if it does adjust the ranking algorithm it would mean less popular sites will need to work harder to build a social following. Like Google says, people take advice from others all the time and what better way is there to find something on the Internet than getting some help from trusted friends.

How to +1:

  • To view and submit +1’s- users first need to create a public Google profile
  • Navigate to Google Experiments
  • Join the +1 experiment
  • After joining the experiment you will notice the plus 1 button on each of the search results in Google
  • Begin +1 by pressing the buttons on the results page or directly on other websites (users must be logged in)
  • A new tab will also appear on your Google profile page where you can edit your plus 1 activity, you can also set up your +1’s to appear to the public or remain hidden for only a personal reference
  • From then on your site preferences will be stored and clearly visible when performing a search

How to showcase the +1 Button on your website:

What do you think about Google +1, is it just another online popularity contest or does it provide actual social value?

Thanks for reading!


Internet Beacon


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