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Simple Changes That Produce a Faster Website and Boost Rankings!

February 25, 2011 by Dustin

stop watch Simple Changes That Produce a Faster Website and Boost Rankings!The time that it takes for a website to load is commonly referred to as site speed. Site speed is measured from the moment a link is accessed or after a URL is entered into the browser search. Depending on the type of website or how heavy its content is, a site’s speed is typically between 2-5 seconds. At any rate below 2 seconds a website’s speed is thought to be excellent. A speed between 2-5 seconds might not be the fastest, however it is perfectly acceptable. Anything taking 5 seconds to load can annoy or turn away visitors and be less popular with search engines.

A site’s speed is only one of the many factors that search engines utilize in their website ranking algorithm. Search engines employ ranking algorithms in order to assign a page rank to a website and to ensure that a search returns with the best and most relevant results. The following are options that site owners can apply to their sites in order to reduce the time it takes for their website to load. Reducing a sites load time or increasing a sites speed will generate better customer responses as well as appeal more to search ranking algorithms.

Before attempting the following suggestions you should try out these free tools to see how your site measures up. Pingdom Load Time Test is an easy tool that allows you to assess the speed or your website. The program GTmtrix analyzes site speed, provides a grade for your website and generates a list of potential problems that they recommend that you fix. These are just two of the many free tools available to measure the performance of your website. Upon completion of these tests, if you are unsatisfied with your websites performance we recommend implementing the following changes.

Compress your Website:

Website data compression converts all of a website’s text elements that are written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript into bundles. After the compression process is complete websites no longer have to send and recognize each individual file. Transmitting text information using data packs allows people and search engines to access the site information quicker making website compression a top priority when it comes to increasing site speed.

Create optimized images:

Data compression only affects text elements, which leaves your images in their original format. Larger image files will definitely take longer to load as opposed to small thumbnails. If at all possible avoid using large images or at least try to make them an appropriate size for your website. Also, don’t clutter your website with unnecessary images. Sure, having a couple strategically placed images as well as your logo on every page is suitable but don’t get carried away, you’re not making a collage. In order to optimize an image for a website it is recommended you use the PNG format which is designed for website viewing. Additional format options include JPG and GIF.

Check your code layout:

It is important that you make sure that your code is arranged in an order that will benefit your sites performance. A browser interprets code just as we read, from the top to the bottom of a page. Having your style sheets located near the top of your code will lay the foundation of your site immediately for visitors. Once a user sees the layout and design of your site they will typically become more patient because they know that the content is soon to follow. Visitors will have a visual image or your website and assume that the site is loading fast while in reality the other pieces of code like JavaScript might still be loading. It may also help to monitor or remove any external code and features that no longer add any benefit to your company.

If you are still unable to achieve a faster site speed using these suggestions don’t give up, you still have other options. You always have the options of changing or contacting your web host to make the necessary adjustments. A lot of the times you may be able to upgrade your service or discuss methods with your host company that may generate a faster website speed.


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