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Pay Per Click Advertising Services and Solutions

Clients come to us trying to solve common challenges such as:
We need more sales leads from our website.
Our team has a great site but needs more traffic.
We have a mediocre website with little traffic.
Our client customized Internet Marketing Services and Solutions can solve these common challenges and many other marketing issues.

The Benefits


Our Search Engine Optimization services offer a variety of benefits to your website, to name a few:

seo services Improved search engine ranking
seo services Increased targeted traffic
seo services Greater brand awareness through greater visibility on the Internet
seo services Improved marketing return on investment
seo services More action, such as calls, email, and purchases from clients and potential clients

Process Overview

  Our team can help you boost sales leads through your website and/or increase internet sales. First by increasing the number of visitors to your site and second by making your website more appealing to convert visitors to clients.

seo services Keyword Research
seo services Market Research and Competitive Analysis
seo services Keyword density improvements
seo services Existing website analysis
seo services Rich, optimized Content Development
seo services Website optimization
seo services Quality BackLink building strategies
seo services Website analytics to measures the performance of your website.
seo services Ongoing SEO and performance reports, monitoring, and analysis

  And much more...

Hire the Internet Beacon

  We have a track record of only producing high quality results.
  We use only use ethical Search Engine Optimization methods.
  We are customer-centric and are advocates for our clients.
  Our team enjoys hearing from our clients that their email and phone contacts, and purchases by new clients increases dramatically as a result of our services. We enjoy watching our clients prosper.
  Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign Setup and Management Ever wonder where those funny little haiku text ads come from when you type a search into Google or another search engine? Each ad is created by the companies advertising and served to you through a program called Adwords (Google) or Overture (Yahoo). Which company appears in which slot is determined by a transparent, auction-style bidding process, with some adjustments based on the quality of the ad and the particular keyword being searched. Approximately 10-12% of all clicks on search engine results pages are directed towards these paid advertisements. This is not huge, but it is a significant number, particularly when you consider this is targeted marketing at its best: the user is actively seeking out companies from which to purchase. Pay-per-click campaigns can be tremendously effective when done creatively and effectively, and I can help you get up and running with a campaign of your own. A number of my clients' campaigns are self-propelling (generating enough immediate revenue to pay for continued spending), even ignoring repeat business. And perhaps the best part about pay-per-click: if it's not working, you can switch the keywords on which you're advertising, or turn it off altogether, with no up-front investment to worry about.
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seo services
seo services
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